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TANZANIA - A walk amongst giants

Africa....for most of my life was a place of  imagination and mystery represented by only movies or magazine covers.  


As a youth, I grew up with the gift of National Geographic Magazine from my Great grandmother.  She made sure that I had that subscription every year until perhaps it was obvious I had outgrown such things.   She might have imagined for me with that simple little gift,  the dream to explore, to see a world bigger than me,  to see farther than the borders of my own little town,  and maybe  one day seeing this far away land and all the creatures that lived there.  I don't know if she ever realized what an impact that gift had on me.   

Nearly 40 years later,  a small part of Africa is now firmly planted in my heart and memories.   Please enjoy these images that represent a lifetime of dreams.  

~ for Meme ( Elinor Paxton Slaughter ) 

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