Project Planning & Detail Execution

Working closely with my cinematographers,  I prefer  to adapt a detailed representation.  Over my years as an electrician, Best boy Electric and Dimmer board operator, I have accumulated a versatile and expedient process of communication thru detailed visual media.

In todays current state of technology,  it is increasingly more easy to share information.  In our line of work, it is  imperitive to be able to convey thoughts and ideas quickly and efficiently in order to execute a plan of action.   Since most people in our field are visual, I have attempted to harness various technologies that allow me to quickly communicate our plan and layouts  for rigs or specialty equipment design whether on a commercial scout with no time to spare or feature  when time is more abundant.     


I believe this not only  assists lighting in the rigging and execution of our tasks, but helps all deptarments that depend on information from set lighting, for those that need to know, seeing the plan helps  in opening  the dialogues for the betterment of the project.   

For my Best Boy Electric and dimmer ops,  I have come to expect that those same technologies and skill sets to be a part of our report which in turn allows my team to be efficient and on top of the game to communicate not only to myself, but to our rigging team as well as other departments that need info from our dept.   

From scout notes (click link to view example of scout notes style I prefer to receive)  to production meetings.  As in the case of Television, as the gaffer I am not afforded the time to attend scouts and production meetings which makes it all the more imperative for my BB to be familiar with and effectively communicate details regarding locations and DP requirements.  Now I don't expect my best boy to be dynamic  with his/her plots and drawings, however being familiar with the  technology and have a system in which they can communicate is a key point.  


I utilize the following apps from a Mac  platform .  Using cloud based systems, this allows my team to be on page with each other. 


PDF EXPERT : Notes, pictures, scripts ,prod sched.

GRAPHIC : Plot generation, schematics

NOTABILITY: Quick notes and concept drawings

DROPBOX: File exchange

Sun Surveyor: scouting : sunpath and documentation

LIGHTRAC: Scouting: sun path and documentation

ShowTool Swatch : color & Gel stock research & selections

SWATCH: BY WYBRON: color swatch selections

TECHSCOUT: pre prod package planning

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